Announce Your Pregnancy in Your Easter Egg Hunt This Year

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Announcing your pregnancy to your friends and family is probably one of the most exciting parts of getting pregnant. Everyone wants to announce the news specially and uniquely. We have come up with a way to make your Easter egg hunt something extraordinary and fun this year. Our Easter-themed puzzle makes a fun way to reveal your baby news. Our plastic Easter eggs are large enough to make them the "prize" egg to search for during the egg hunt!

Each Easter-themed pregnancy announcement puzzle is sent inside the jumbo Easter egg and doesn't include any identifying information inside, so the surprise is concealed until it's put together. Our 12-piece puzzles are the easiest puzzle we offer, our 30-piece puzzle is more moderate, and our 252-piece puzzle is very challenging. It is important to keep the recipient's age in mind when choosing the number of puzzle pieces. If you have friends or family who doesn't live close by, these will still be a great way to include them.

Here are twelve pregnancy announcement puzzles to include in your Easter egg hunt this year:

:P2385 | S'Berry Boutique, LLC

P2401 | S'Berry Boutique, LLC

P2390 | S'Berry Boutique, LLC

P2400 | S'Berry Boutique, LLC

P2394 | S'Berry Boutique, LLC

P2414 | S'Berry Boutique, LLC

P2415 | S'Berry Boutique, LLC

P2422 | S'Berry Boutique, LLC

P2413 | S'Berry Boutique, LLC

P2423 | S'Berry Boutique, LLC

P2424 | S'Berry Boutique, LLC

P2412 | S'Berry Boutique, LLC


If you have an idea you may want to incorporate into one of our puzzle designs, please reach out to us here.

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